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The contemporaneity of an artistic director has to pass through many areas: graphic design, web, photography, video, copyright and market knowledge. A 360 degrees approach to the world of communication.
Varied experiences in digital arts combined with research and ongoing improvement gave me the opportunity to metabolize the correct approach to a communication project for a secure and impactful results in terms of return.
The creative idea meant as analysis, the vision of the image, a super clean style combined with sublime technique gained over time and a proprietary web framework are the essential ingredients to make my fun also my job.

Main Skills.

Photography and digital arts.

Work experience.

>Owner K30 Creative Studio @ Opificio

>Founder, Editor in Chief and Art Director @Phit Magazine @VirginActive

>Web Programmer and graphic @ Inedit Creative Studio

>.Net Programmer @ Accenture
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via Ripamonti 137 
Milano - Italy